Engineering of pumping systems from axbul

Axbul offers engineering of pumping systems to fulfil your requirements. We attend from the technological scheme, through the detailed drawing to the finished pumping system. Working with state-of-the-art software products, we develop our systems with design as detailed as possible. This detailed engineering of the systems reduces to a minimum the unexpected problems and production costs aftermarket.
We work with a team of professionals - Engineers, Technologists, Developers, Electrical Specialists and Programmers.

Successful projects

System for wet towel fluids preparation

Complete 3D design. Weight-based dosing of different fluids. Dosing with double diaphragm pumps. Web-based application for system control

Client: Bebelan
Implemented: 2020

Weight dosing and mixing system for cosmetic products

Complete 3D design. Dissolving of SLES and solution of NaCl in differnet vessels. Vessels equipped with tensometric sensors with mixer and auger

Client: Buleko 2000
Implemented: 2020

Delivery and installation of a 45 kW centrifugal pump

Uninstallation of an old pump, installation of a new multistage centrifugal pump and redesign of the piping. Welding in an explosive environment.

Client: Sofia airport
Implemented: 2020

Mixer and barrel pump in IBC Container

Modification of a standard IBC container. Production of a mixer with 2 working turbines, bearing body with self-adjusting bearings.

Client: Orica med Bulgaria
Implemented: 2020

Preasure testing system up to 300 Bar

Stainless steel trolley piston pump with a container of 30 Liters. Float sensors for upper and lower level are installed. The container is filled automatically

Client: AES Bulgaria
Implemented: 2019

Milk of lime preparation and dosing system

Complete project with 3D design. Drawings of all details - Production of stainless steel container, mixer, mounting frame for 2 peristaltic pumps...

Client: AquaCom Electronics
Implemented: 2019

Dosing system for Formaldehyde

Complete 3D design of the project and technological scheme - Production of a mounting frame and installation of a container. Pipe connections of the pumps

Client: Biovet
Implemented: 2019

System for PVB resin preparation

Complete 3D design of the project - Construction of the container on tensometric sensors - Installation of a gear pump with double mechanical seal

Client: Mars Armor
Implemented: 2018

Anti-icing fluid preparation system

Complete 3D design of the project and technological scheme - Production of container, piping, installation of valves and pumps

Client: Fraport Twins Star Airport
Implemented: 2017

From the idea to the end product ....

When it comes to mixing, transferring or dosing.. do not hesitate to contact us. We have over 10 years of experience with engineering of pumping systems and pumping equipment. These are the typical stages a project goes through:



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