Pumps and systems for the food and beverage industry

The food industry is facing constantly increasing production requirements. Hygienic requirements for equipment are constantly rising and compliance with them is essential in food technologies. We offer pumping equipment and systems that meet the latest requirements. The pumps we offer have FDA and EHEDG certificates and can be used in almost all processes that can be found in the production of food and beverages. For the pumps used in the food industry it is important that they can be easily cleaned.

Pumping systems for the food and beverage industry

Pumps used in the hood industry must be made from hygienic materials like stainless steel 316l for example. All the elastomers – O-rings and gaskets must be from harmless materials that will not interact with the transferred food and beverages.
Food and beverage pumps often have to withstand high temperatures and also to be easily cleaned by CIP or if this is not possible easily to be disassembled.
Process pumps for the food industry must be carefully selected so as not to damage the product being transferred.

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